iHydrant™ combines a feature-rich monitoring platform with always-on sensors in the lower valve plate to send wireless system pressure and temperature feedback in real time.



Kennedy hydrants feature innovative hydrant design and are AWWA fire hydrants, manufactured to the highest standard. Innovation and quality make Kennedy Valve a top choice for your water system.



From Kennedy gate valves and OS&Y valves to Kennedy butterfly valves and check valves, our commitment to design, innovation and reliability can be seen in water systems worldwide.

Waterworks Valves

UL-FM Fire Products CAD Library

Kennedy UL/FM approved valves are vital to fire protection systems. From fire sprinkler valves and OS&Y and NRS gate valves to indicator and wall posts, our products feature innovative fire protection engineering design.

Fire Protection

Committed to Customer Service

A cornerstone of the Elmira, New York, community since 1907 — Kennedy Valve Company strives to meet and exceed expectations. For more information on Kennedy products and services, contact us or find a representative. Our experienced sales team and trusted distributors will assist you in answering questions about any of our product lines or providing you a quote for your next project.

With manufacturing roots dating back to 1877, Kennedy Valve has a rich history and more than 140 years of experience producing quality fire hydrants, water valves and fire protection products. As a top valve and hydrant company, we’re a leader in product development, efficiency, health and safety and environmental best practices and sustainable operations while providing our customers with valves and fire hydrants that exceed expectations. Our goal is to provide our customers with quality products, maintain a safe environment for our team members and contribute to the well-being of our beautiful community of Elmira, New York.

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