With any water infrastructure or fire protection project, thorough guidance is needed to ensure the job is done correctly and efficiently. Kennedy Valve Company is here to help you every step of the way.

We stand ready to provide all customers with the information needed to supply, install and maintain Kennedy Valve products. In our resource library, you’ll find a full list of water industry AWWA standards and specifications along with operations and maintenance manuals for our products. Kennedy Valve products meet and exceed requirements of all national standards for manufacturing and product performance. We also have all of our certifications of compliance available for download. These easy-to-follow instructions and our friendly and knowledgeable sales team will assist you with your next project.

Answers to common frequently asked questions can be found below. If you have a question about these items or if you would like to speak with a Kennedy Valve representative, please submit a request on our contact us page or find a member of our sales team for your state.