Your trusted provider of guaranteed American-made water system valves and fire protection products.

Since 1877, Kennedy Valve Company has proudly manufactured all of our valve and hydrant products in the United States. We started producing gate valves in Lower Manhattan and then expanded into Elmira, New York, in 1907. Our products, along with the products of other McWane companies, comprise the backbone of the vital water distribution and water treatment systems throughout North America and dependably provide the United States with clean drinking water. Kennedy Valve and McWane have invested millions of dollars to modernize our U.S. plants to make them safe, efficient and compliant.

Our workforce consists of hundreds of American workers, which provides local jobs and contributes to the well-being of the Elmira, New York, economy. This is all part of our dedication to the community where we operate.

Buying American means reinvesting U.S. tax dollars into the U.S. economy, while preserving and creating jobs right here in the United States.

Kennedy Valve remains committed to American workers and American industry.